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Playing Pretend Part II

Re-cap and expanded upon

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Back with the final product of "Playing Pretend". At the end of my first article (here) I selected players from groups. These groups were WR/RB, TE/T, OLB/DE, CB/ILB/S. From these groups my final selections respectively in order were, Jamaal Charles, Tyron Smith, J.J. Watt, and Earl Thomas. Now before I take this one step deeper take a look at the quarterback group, which is singled out.


  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Andrew Luck
  3. Russell Wilson

But Kyle, Rodgers is 31 and Luck or Wilson are 25 & 26. Why would you take the player 6 years older when Andrew Luck is the next up and coming superstar? It might be me being stubborn, but my confidence is high in this pick. Aaron Rodgers is one of the statistically best quarterbacks in NFL history. His pinpoint accuracy is lethal. I also believe if there was any time to pick the best quarterback in the NFL it is this season. Rodgers would make us a 12-13 win team this year if we aren't that good already. Rodgers could vault us to a Lombardi trophy now. With his play we would win the Super-Bowl this year barring devastating injuries to our team. Feel free to yell at me if you disagree, but I won't waiver from my selection.

Now, with the QB position here the list of players to select from is into the finale. I now separated the teams from the group back into each position.Now, the final list on who I would be taking from first choice to last is:

  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. J.J. Watt
  3. Earl Thomas
  4. Justin Houston
  5. Richard Sherman
  6. Tyron Smith
  7. Luke Kuechly
  8. Rob Gronkowski
  9. Jamaal Charles
  10. Antonio Brown

I want to begin with I feel insane for having Antonio Brown tenth on my list. His skill is almost perfect. This list isn't easy for me, and the longer you think on it the more difficult it becomes. But here I have Aaron Rodgers on the list as the number one man. He is the one guy I take if given the opportunity. We have chances to win championships with him: plain and simple. Second is JJ Watt, the most valuable player in the league for myself personally. His talents far exceed any NFL player on the field, his value as a D-end is only rivaled by the player who receives the snap every single play. Third ranked overall is Earl Thomas. Like I said before, our corners become All-pro or Pro-bowl talents with him in the backfield. I take Houston over Sherman because I want some gritty dominating pass rush over the next corner. A lethal pass rush is good enough to take to the play-offs with mediocre corners. The Ravens proved the pass rush can take practice squad CB's to the Divisional play-offs. Tyron Smith is somebody I take over Kuechly and Gronkowski. He still has 10 years to play in this league as a starter no doubt.

I assume people have disagreements with this list, or maybe people agree. Either way, this is the reason for "Playing Pretend", discussion and debate.