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Ravens backfield is mediocre

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Mark Sessler from ranked each team's backfield, only to put the Ravens rushers at the mid-spot, #16.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Sessler from ranked each team's backfield, only to put the Ravens rushers at the mid-spot, #16. Out of 32 teams, clearly Sessler feels that the Ravens' backfield is about as mediocre as it gets, but it is hard to fault the rationale he uses.

Forsett was dazzling last season, topping the league with 5.4 yards per carry. I'd like Baltimore's depth chart more if he wasn't entering his age 30 season. Taliaferro has looked quicker this offseason and will battle with Allen for No. 2 duties behind one of the AFC's better lines.

Forsett was great last season behind the best offensive line in the league, but he is entering the end years of any typical running back's career. Even with Forsett not having the wear and tear on him that other backs have, there does seem to be a wall for football players at the age of 30, where things just decline. How fast they decline is all guess work and isn't necessarily related to the miles a player has run.

Behind Forsett is a bunch of unproven players in Lorenzo Taliaferro and Javorius Allen. Taliaferro looked good last season and has slimmed down this offseason, but will be battling a rookie for the backup duties and possibly even goal line work. Both players could be absolute studs, but we just don't know yet since one had limited experience last season and the other is a rookie.

The best thing about this ranking is that the Ravens still featured one of the best rushing attacks last season. While it doesn't spell great things about the opinion of the running backs, it does say a lot of positives about the offensive line. Even with the negatives surrounding Forsett and company, this group could be one of the most improved by next season if they can prove themselves this season yet again.

Either way, it is kind of comforting to see someone put Baltimore back in the underdog category again.