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Ravens Players Visit School

Two Ravens players visited a group of lucky kids, and one special teacher.

It's always nice to see Ravens players, staff, and the organization reach out into the Maryland community.

Players Kamar Aiken and Dennis Pitta did just that a few weeks ago, as they visited Mars Estates Elementary School in Essex, MD to recognize the Baltimore Ravens and M&T Bank 2015 'Touchdown for Teachers' Award Winner, Julie Macro. Macro, the grand prize winner who was selected from over 300 nominations, was presented with a $2,000 grant donation to her school during the visit by the Ravens. She received the award because she:

"established numerous programs outside of teaching her fifth-graders, including a Math 24 Challenge group, Bloggers Café and Fit Friday, which includes over 90 students from third through fifth grade who will run a 5K at the end of the term."

This all sounds very impressive, and Macro seems well-deserving of the award.

Aiken & Pitta were accompanied by Ravens mascot Poe and the Ravens cheerleaders on their visit. I'm sure they all had fun hanging out with the children and giving back to the community, and I'm sure the kids got an experience they'll never forget.