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2015 Ravens Depth Chart: Safety

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Looking at the Ravens Safety Depth

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Players: Will Hill, Kendrick Lewis, Matt Elam, Terrence Brooks, Anthony Levine, Brynden Trawick, Nick Perry


Will Hill

Hill is the best safety on the team and he's one of the best in the league. He's guaranteed to make the roster.

Kendrick Lewis

The Ravens signed Lewis to a three year deal this offseason. He's making the roster as well.

Matt Elam

This is Elam's chance to prove that he belongs in the NFL. Reports have come out from the Ravens saying that Elam looks slimmer and better than ever. Elam will make the team, barring some run-in with the law.

Terrence Brooks

Brooks is reportedly ahead of schedule in his recovery and he's been running with the ones. If Brooks looks healthy enough in August he might not even need to be placed on PUP.


Anthony Levine:

Levine has experience and versatility as he received extensive playing time at cornerback last year. But his main role this year is as a special teamer.


Brynden Trawick:

Trawick provides no value outside of special teams.

Practice Squad:

Nick Perry