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Did John Harbaugh Tip His Hand On New Extra-Point Rule Strategy?

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A little soundclip from this year's Pro Bowl may tell us more than we knew before.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason, the NFL owners decided to change the league policy on extra points. It was announced that the extra point would now be kicked from the 15-yard line.

The Ravens players and coaches had varying reactions, Kicker Justin Tucker didn't like it at all, and John Harbaugh said "The effort to move the line of scrimmage back on the point after touchdown, to me, is a good thing." While Harbaugh said "It is going to encourage more two-point conversion tries" and "I know one thing, we're going to spend more time defending two-point conversions and practicing two-point conversions because it's going to be a bigger part of the game." However, Harbaugh really didn't say too much on how the Ravens would tackle the new changes on the field.

Thanks to redditor /u/kondor35, we now have a little bit of intel on how Harbaugh might take advantage of these new rules. Harbaugh was selected to be one of the coaches for the Pro Bowl this year, where the NFL was once again testing the 15-yard line PATs, as well as narrowing the goal posts from 18.6 feet wide to 14 feet wide. Harbaugh was also 'wired' for sound, so we could hear all of his sideline antics. While this made for good entertainment, (you can really tell that John & Jim are related) is also produced an insightful conversation between Coach Harbaugh and Drew Brees, after Kicker Adam Vinatieri sliced a PAT wide left.

Harbaugh: "That's the extra point rule... we might be going there soon, it's crazy."

Brees: "We go for it everytime right?"

Harbaugh: "We'll go a lot more, we'll go a lot more."

If the Ravens do go for two points a lot more this year, it wouldn't be a huge surprise. Last year, the Ravens were tied for second in the league with four PAT attempts, they only converted on one. In another 'risky' category, fourth down attempts, the Ravens tied for fourth in the league, with 18, and converted on half of them.

However the Ravens decide to attack the new changes, the new rules will certainly make the game more exciting. Thankfully, the team has an advantage in All-Pro Kicker Justin Tucker. Expect this rule change to work out in favor of the Ravens, they have great kicking, and even better playcalling.