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Torrey Smith thinks Ray Rice deserves second chance

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Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Even though Torrey Smith no longer wears purple and black, the former Ravens' wide receiver still has Baltimore on his mind.

Having spent several years in Baltimore with former Ravens' running back Ray Rice, Torrey Smith is still close to his former teammate. When asked by TMZ about Ray Rice, Torrey Smith said that he thought Ray Rice deserved a second chance, despite the incident being "horrible".

Good people make mistakes... I believe in second chances and I think society is supposed to be built on the idea that you can suffer consequences and come back.

Some fans and analysts questioned if Rice really repented for his issues after a press conference that had his wife take blame for the incident. Smith made a point to talk about that particular issue, saying that Rice only has his wife and family to convince and no one else.

People sometimes want you to apologize a certain way, crying or all upset. He’s made things right with his wife and family and earned respect with his actions since the incident.

However, it doesn't look like Rice will be getting a job offer any time soon. Even though other players accused of similar issues have been employed by teams, none have had video evidence and being the face of domestic violence like Rice has. Thus is the nature of professional football, where it is more about PR than it is about the well being of the players themselves.