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Former Raven safety Jim Leonhard open to playing again

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Safety Jim Leonhard might not have been the greatest safety in the world, but he was efficient. He retired back in January after a 10 year career that included stops in Baltimore, New York with the Jets, and with the Cleveland Browns. Even though he remains retired, he isn't saying that he wouldn't come back for the right situation.

I've told a lot of people, the door is closed, but it's not lockedIt would definitely take a very unique offer for me to really consider it. I mean, I love playing in the NFL and love the game, that's never changed, but I just kind of feel like it's time to move on. But at the same time, if it was a really unique opportunity, I would entertain it.

That could mean a return to Baltimore if he was asked or maybe even a return to playing with former defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, now with the Buffalo Bills. Leonhard, like most Ryan players have followed the mercurial coach all over in order to continue to play for him.

Leonhard might not be a starting quality safety any longer, but he is a quality veteran presence in the locker room. The Ravens seem happy with their players on the backend right now, but a young team could use a player like Leonhard to help establish a culture of hard work and keeping a clean nose for a coach in desperate need of pushing that early. It would be a perfect fit with Rex Ryan in Buffalo if the stars align.

Despite being in the league for 10 seasons, Leonhard had a respectful year with the Browns in 2014. Playing in 16 games and starting 5, Leonhard had 42 tackles, 2 interceptions, and 1 sack on the year.