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ICYMI: Week of 6/7 - 6/13

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Another week has passed and we attended the last of the open media portions of OTAs. As the offseason continues forward, we take a little look at some of the bigger stories from this past week that you might have missed.

Depth Chart: Linebacker

Chuck Mills takes a look at where all the Ravens' linebackers fit into the roster.

Safety Terrence Brooks getting better

Daniel Park highlights that safety Terrence Brooks is beginning to get over his injury and actually running with the first team during drills at OTAs.

OTA highlights

The final open media OTA had it's share of unique highlights.

Matt Elam and Arthur Brown improving

All aboard the hype train! Safety Matt Elam and linebacker Arthur Brown are getting praise and seeing some major snaps during OTAs.

NFL cancels Fantasy Convention

Kyle Barber talks about how bummed he was to find out that the NFL randomly cancelled an event he was scheduled to go to.

2016 franchise tag possibilities

Even though the Ravens didn't tag anyone this offseason, we look at some of the players that could be on the receiving end of the tag next offseason.

PFF shows the Ravens some love

According to PFF, the Ravens have the best roster in the AFC. They rank the Ravens pretty high up overall too.

Matt Elam's trouble on the field hasn't matched the turmoil off the field

Kyle Barber looks into Matt Elam's struggles throughout his young life. A sad story with the possibility of redemption.

Favorite offensive lineman

Nathan Beaucage discusses his favorite offensive lineman, Jonathan Ogden. JO even took notice and retweeted it.

Fullback Kyle Juszyzk to get more involved in the passing game

Juice isn't happy just being a lead blocker, he wants to catch passes and it looks like the Ravens will give him more chances to do that in 2015.

Open letter to Roger Goodell

Hey Goodell, we hate you. We even explain why you suck so bad.