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2015 Ravens Depth Chart: Cornerback

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Examining the Ravens depth at cornerback.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Players:

Jimmy Smith, Lardarius Webb, Kyle Arrington, Tray Walker, Asa Jackson, Cassius Vaughn, Chris Greenwood, Tramain Jacobs, Quinton Pointer, Rashaan Melvin


Jimmy Smith

Jimmy is the best corner on the team and he just signed a lucrative extension that keeps him in Baltimore for the rest of the decade. He's guaranteed to make the roster.

Lardarius Webb

He's guaranteed to be on the team; this year. However, if he isn't healthy or if he doesn't return to form, the same can't be said next year when the Ravens can save $3.5 million by cutting him.

Kyle Arrington

The Ravens made it a point to snag this guy after the Patriots released him. He's not getting cut.

Tray Walker

Walker is a fourth round pick, so his spot is guaranteed. Especially seeing as the Ravens have a high opinion of him. That being said, I don't see Walker making the active list very often, but instead I see him sitting behind Webb, Jimmy, and Arrington to develop.


Rashaan Melvin

Melvin has five good games under his belt from last year. He's a good development project and a back-up.

In Competion:

Asa Jackson and Cassius Vaughn are fighting for the sixth and last corner spot. I see this battle coming down to who is better at returning kicks and whether Asa is able to stay healthy. Whoever loses is gone.

Practice Squad:

Chris Greenwood, Tramain Jacobs, Quinton Pointer

These three are fighting for one or two practice squad spots. If anyone looks particularly great, one of these guys could push in competition.