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Steelers' wide receiver Martavis Bryant carted off field

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Update: Turns out that Bryant wasn't carted off the field but walked off.

The Steelers are down a wide receiver after Martavis Bryant was carted off the field after getting ill, according to reports from Behind The Steel Curtain.

There are some conflicting reports on the seriousness of the issue, but it is believed that Bryant got ill after taking a supplement during practice. The Steelers organization has not confirmed that Bryant took a supplement and it would be interesting on what he took that made him so sick.

Bryant is an interesting player for the Steelers as they have wide receiver Antonio Brown as another big play weapon which takes pressure and coverage away from Bryant. That along with how good Bryant has looked this offseason are some of the main reasons that Steeler fans are so excited about him having a breakout season in 2015. Defensive end Chris Canty even called Bryant a major weapon.

"Martavis Bryant isn't just a red zone threat. He is a big play waiting to happen."

With the Ravens facing him at least twice this upcoming season, any setback for Bryant is ultimately a positive for the Ravens. However, no one wants to see anyone get hurt and with a person getting ill after taking a supplement, it could be an allergic reaction Bryant is having. That type of allergic reaction can be a serious deal and require serious medical attention.