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Throwback Thursday: Jamal 2000

Jamal Lewis and his 2K season.

Al Bello/Getty Images

A feat only accomplished by 4 previous players, and now 7 persons all-time; Jamal Lewis broke the 2,000 yard mark on December 28th 2003.

With hundreds upon hundreds of NFL runningbacks taking hand-offs every single Sunday since the league began, only seven of the most punishing backs in the NFL have passed 2,000 yards. Baltimore great Jamal Lewis made his mark in an overtime win against the Pittsburgh Steelers over 11 years ago. During this week 17 battle Lewis accumulated 114 yards on 27 carries. Jamal Lewis did score the lone Baltimore Raven touchdown with a 25 yard blast. Even though this victory is all the sweeter and the record all more tasteful against Pittsburgh, Jamal racked in a more than laughable amount against the Cleveland Browns, including an NFL record.

September 14, 2003: Cleveland comes to Baltimore and receives 295 angry yards by Jamal Lewis.

First play from scrimmage is a hand-off to... you guessed it... Travis Taylor for one yard. Yeah not quite so exciting. But the next play is at the Raven 18, and ends with Jamal blowing the doors off the Browns for 82 yards. And this wasn't even a close to the finale. Looking through the box score play-by-play it really is either Kyle Boller incomplete (he was 7 for 17) or a Jamal Lewis rush for X yards. Jamal just worked this game yard by yard until the fourth quarter, which another play started from the Raven side of the field and once more ended in the endzone: Jamal Lewis up the middle for 63 yards, touchdown. After terrorizing them a little longer Lewis finished off with a 2 yard rush in the 4th quarter and sitting back on the bench to bask in glory in his home stadium. Also being able to view the 45 yard interception by Ed Reed taken back for a touchdown as time expired. The record stood tall for years, until the rookie back Adrian Peterson made his mark at 296 yards against the Dallas Cowboys.

Not only did this game against the Browns help boost his stats for the 2,066 yard season, but later on Jamal was able to greet the Browns another time for 205 yards. A total of 500 yards racked up on two games against the Browns. What a wonderful amount of domination.