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What is Keith Wenning up to these days?

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Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Wenning, a 2014 6th rounder was thought to be the heir apparent at backup quarterback for the Ravens, with Tyrod Taylor's contract expiring this offseason. But things did not go as planned with the former record setting Ball State quarterback. The Ravens decided to go another way rather than give him a shot at the gig, signing former Pro Bowl QB Matt Schaub.  Schaub, formerly a very productive starter in Houston, developed a strange case of intercept-icitis and had been bouncing from team to team since.

After Houston kicked him to the curb, he was traded to Oakland, who started David Carr over the veteran. He then signed a 1 year deal with the Ravens for $2 million (plus $1 million in incentives). However, he has not looked great in OTA's thus-far, per Matthew Stevens, who has attended several days of the OTA camps. Do the Ravens go into the season with him as the backup?

Back to Wenning- after being cut, he has been hanging out in his hometown of Coldwater, Ohio, staying in shape. He has scheduled several workouts for teams, including the Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions. He is hoping to catch on with a new team, as he still wants to try to make it in the league.

Wishing him much luck.