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Ravens rise up on triplets list

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

You might be questioning what triplets are for when reading this title and that makes sense as I had never heard the term relating to football before either.

Triplets mean the 3 offensive weapons - Quarterback, wide receiver and running back. So it is no surprise that the Ravens would rise up on the NFL's ranking there. However, it is surprising that Flacco and company are ranked so low. 17 to be precise. But then again, the list is written by Dave Damesheck, who has been a a pretty unabashed Steeler fan and hater of the Ravens.

Despite quarterback Joe Flacco having the best season of his career and being a pretty good quarterback during the regular season and clutch during the postseason, along with running back Justin Forsett and wide receiver Steve Smith showing a renewed vigor even at their age, the Ravens rank lower than a lot of other teams. While I can agree with the Pittsburgh Steelers ranking first due to the combination of Ben Roethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell, and Antonio Brown, I'm confused on how the Falcons rank so high at number 10. Quarterback Matt Ryan has been decidedly mediocre lately and they have had no running game to speak of.

Even the Eagles rank higher at number 14 with Sam Bradford at quarterback. The Ravens rise up 2 spots from the previous year, so Damesheck at least acknowledges that the Ravens are an improved team than what most thought from last season.

Who do you think is ranked too high and who is ranked too low. Where would you rank the Ravens on this list?