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Ravens Have Found Starters After The Draft

Whether undrafted free agents or bargain bin veterans, the Ravens have had no problem getting quality starters after the draft.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens have gone through free agency, the draft, and have signed undrafted rookies. But if history is any indication, the Ravens still aren't done building the roster, as they have a history of finding starters in the summer months.

Free safety Will Hill was signed in August, months after he was released by the Giants. He would go on to be the leader of the secondary in Jimmy Smiths' absence.

Wide receiver Marlon Brown was signed in time for camp before 2013 and earned Joe Flacco's trust in the preseason. He became the #2 receiver that season and tied Torrey Smiths' touchdown record that season.

Daryl Smith was a post-June 1 signing before the 2013 season. He has played at a Pro Bowl level at inside linebacker these past two seasons.

Justin Tucker was signed on May 29th before the 2012 training camp started. His clutch kicks have won many games for the Ravens in the past three seasons.

Jacoby Jones was signed May 8th before the 2012 season by the Ravens. His returns would play a crucial role in the Ravens winning Super Bowl XLVII.

On August 3rd 2011, the Ravens signed Bernard Pollard, an enforcer in the secondary whose forced fumble in the AFC Championship stopped a potential comeback by the Patriots.

On July 31st the Ravens signed Fullback Vonta Leach to a deal. He would be a valuable lead blocker for Ray Rice during the 2011 and 2012 seasons.

Late in the 2011 preseason the Ravens would sign Bryant McKinnie, who did a great job at left tackle during the 2012 postseason.

One of the more famous members of this list is Elvis Dumervil. A top flight pass rusher in Denver, a fax snafu caused him to be cut from the Broncos and looking to take the best offer he could get. Baltimore and Ozzie Newsome got a Pro-Bowl player for next to nothing.

These late additions became valuable players for the Ravens, and odds are that someone in camp right now will be on this list in the future.