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Ed Reed To Be Inducted Into Ring Of Honor

Ed Reed will be inducted into the Ravens Ring of Honor in 2015.

The Ring of Honor has had a lot of entries as of late. It's going to get another.

At halftime during the Week 11 home game against the St. Louis Rams, the Ravens will be inducting retired safety Ed Reed into the Ring of Honor.

This is being done later in the season than when it was done for Ray Lewis in Week Three of the 2013 season and for Todd Heap in Week Four of the 2014 season.

Regardless it will be a big game that fans and players will get pumped up for, as one of the all time Ravens greats will be getting his well deserved honors and the first of many to be delivered on his road to make the Hall of Fame in 2019. (Official declaration of retirement is not needed to be eligible for the Hall of Fame, eligibility starts after being five years removed from coaching or playing in the NFL .)

I'd start ordering my two tickets to paradise now.