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The Countdown for Top 100 Players: #97 Ravens QB Joe Flacco

We all look upon this countdown as inaccurate, and badly done. Nevertheless, I am sure there will be plenty of upset fans....

Flacco celebrating
Flacco celebrating
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Network has begun their countdown of Top 100 players of 2015. Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco continues his underrated streak, falling 39 spots from last year.  The only year there was any respect given to Flacco was 2012, following the Ravens Lombardi winning season when he won Super Bowl MVP and had one of the 2 best postseasons in the history of the National Football League. This year he was ranked #97, despite the Ravens offense setting franchise records across the board. His rankings since the series began in 2011: 90, 74, 18, 58, 97. It seems like the voters really cannot make up their mind. His proper ranking would probably be somewhere between 20 and 40 in this writers opinion.

The bottom line is the voters, whoever they are put too much emphasis on regular season stats, and ignore his 72-40 regular season record (.642), his 10-5 playoff record, and the fact that he has been statistically the best QB by far in the playoffs since he entered the league in 2008.

The players around him were: #100: Randall Cobb, #99 Calais Campbell, #98 Adam Vinateri, #96 Jurrell Casey, and #95 Emmanuel Sanders. Not exactly the company our Elite Quarterback belongs in. Then again, we all know these ranking reflect nothing and are probably made by some guy sitting at a computer, not by people who actually know what it takes to win football games.