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Ravens Cap Situation Post Draft

The Ravens started the offseason up tight against the cap; is that still the case?

Cap situations across the league from the beginning of the off season.
Cap situations across the league from the beginning of the off season.

This offseason has been a tough one for Baltimore Ravens fans, due to the team being close to the salary cap limit. Ray Rice's cap hit, along with the final year of Haloti Ngata's deal made it so the front office had some tough decisions to make. When the dust settled, the team had let go of stalwart's Torrey Smith, Pernell McPhee, and Haloti Ngata along with several smaller pieces of the team.

This did leave us with breathing room under the cap though once Ngata was traded and others let go, as a consolation along with the future compensatory picks. The only pre-draft external addition was a small 3 year deal for safety Kendrick Lewis.

So where does that leave the Ravens in relation to the cap? Brian Mcfarland of Russell Street Report is a great asset for cap questions. Here are some of his tweets to shed light on the issue:

So it would seem that if we take the $10,112,128 in cap space, subtract $1.8 million for our draft picks, it would leave $8,312,128 post draft picks. A small amount will be allotted for undrafted free agents, but other than that the team has some breathing room for any upcoming cuts or veteran signings. This also increases the ability of a Dumervil type signing on the small chance a player of that caliber hits the market, and the likelihood that the team will agree to extensions with some current players who have expiring deals after the 2015 season.