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Javorius "Buck" Allens' Journey To The Draft

Buck Allen overcame an incredible amount of adversity to make it to the NFL.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Buck Allen was a fierce competitor for USC last season. The Baltimore Ravens rookie rusher was selected by Baltimore in the fourth round just a few days ago, and will be looking to take his big frame and impose it in practice and gameday for the Ravens. His greatest battles to date though have been off the field.

As a child Javorius Allen was raised by his grandmother. When he was only 12 years old his older brother that he looked up to as a father figure was put in prison for attempted murder.

When he entered high school he lived with Mickey and Alice Cullen, assistants working at the local Boys and Girls Club. Tragically, Alice would die of breast cancer in 2009. Buck honors her to this day by writing her name on tape over his left wrist every game.

Allen still remains in contact with his grandmother and Mickey Cullen, who he loves as a father, and his older brother.

Buck says that the adversities he had to overcome taught him to keep fighting in life and helped forge him into the man he is today. We hope that Buck fights hard in the NFL and succeeds both on and off the field.