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Raven Rookies Assigned Numbers

Raven hopefuls score new digits

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

With the finish of the 2015 NFL Draft arrives new faces for Baltimore and also new numbers. With the numerical selections come possible expectations to achieve. This season 10 players have already locked down their respective new jersey numbers.

Breshad Perriman: 18

With former UCF wide receiver turned teammate Kamar Aiken taking number 11, Breshad landed upon the #18. Last players known wearing such digits being Donte Stallworth, Elvis Grbac, and Curtis Brown. No HoF numbers to fill, which leaves Breshad to make 18 his own part of Raven history.

Maxx Williams: 87

The player everyone has been touting on and already making comparisons to a top 5 All-Time tight end Jason Witten; Rookie Maxx Williams selects number 87. Which should hopefully quell the overly massive shoes to fill. The number 87 worn last by now retired tight end Dallas Clark seems to be a better route in my opinion. Also,If anything like Dallas Clark with Peyton Manning in previous years, I would be happy.

Carl Davis: 94

The big man who's highlight reel is snaring Todd Gurley with one arm while being blocked himself is attaching himself to a number with no great players in particular. Previous Baltimore players of Sergio Kindle and John Simon, the number so far holds no history.

Za'Darius Smith: 90

Smith was brought here with the expectation that he would replace Pernell McPhee. That starts by giving Smith McPhees' old number, and if you ask Coach Harbaugh he'll tell you that he even has the same hairstyle as McPhee.

Javorius Allen: 37

Okay, everybody gives him the nickname Buck, but with a name like Javorius I'm not doing it. Allen has selected the number 37, and while the number doesn't stick out much, Prime Time Deion Sanders did wear the number himself. Worth noting Neon Deion picked 37 because that was his age coming to play for Charm City.

Tray Walker: 25 Asa Jackson: 27

With current cornerback Jackson taking over #27 (helping to snuff out previous player recognition) Tray Walker is now donning #25.

Robert Myers: 70

Ramon Harewood wore #70, but it hasn't been selected in a few years.

Darren Waller:12

Previous beloved Raven receiver Jacoby Jones wore #12 in his great time here in Baltimore. The PR/KR/WR whom helped dominate a 2012-13 post-season of greatness including 3 endzone celebrations (and camera worthy dance moves) will be the one even I won't shy away from when comparing.

Hopefully in 15 years every single number named will be debated on retirement from all these talents becoming HoF stars. We can all dream, can't we?