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Flashback Friday: Ray Lewis Has 'Psychic Powers'

Flashback Friday is a day when we look at and remember important moments in Ravens history. Here's this week's entry.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Little known to many, Ray Lewis and his mysterious powers were a big reason we won the Super Bowl. Remember when Jacoby Jones had that magical 109-yard kick return in the Super Bowl?

Well Ray Lewis actually played a big part in that, despite being on the sidelines. In one of the weirdest twists of the Super Bowl, (aside from the power outage) Ray Lewis simply pulled Jones aside and touched him, with no explanation for it. Afterwards, Lewis had this to say.

"I was just told to put my hand on his chest, and I rubbed my hands down his chest, and then I saw him break through."

Here's the video of the incident.

It should be noted that both Coach Harbaugh, who is a devout Catholic, and Lewis aren't afraid to speak out about religion. Afterwards, Harbaugh said "God is gracious, God is good. God is in control."

Whether you think this was an act of God, or not, it's still very eerie. We could use some 'Ray Lewis mojo' this season.