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Ravens OTAs: Joe Flacco presser 5/28

With today being the media's day to watch the first wave of OTAs, the Ravens brought out quarterback Joe Flacco to answer questions.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

With today being the media's day to watch the first wave of OTAs, the Ravens brought out quarterback Joe Flacco to answer questions. After a hot day in the sun, the media and Flacco wanted to keep it a little easy going, starting out with a question about his golf game. In keeping with his moniker of 'Joe Cool', Flacco said while laughing "It's not very good. I haven't played too much, so it was never too good."

The question of the day seemed to be how the offense is faring with new offensive coordinator Marc Trestman. 2015 will mark Flacco's fourth offensive coordinator of his career and with those coaching changes comes changes to the scheme and verbage being used on the field. As had been suspected before, Trestman is going to keep a similar scheme to what Baltimore ran last year under Gary Kubiak.

There's a lot of similarities, but it's a new coordinator and it's a new team. So there are a lot of little verbage changes and new concepts and new ways of teaching things. It's always going to be a little different.

Flacco went on to discuss that with the change, he isn't starting from scratch again.

It doesn't feel like a year one, and I feel really comfortable with things, but it is still nice to get out here and run through some things that you are getting for the first team.

Flacco was happy to see a guy like Steve Smith out during a voluntary practice, saying "It's always nice to see the guys out here that you are going to have to rely on a ton during the year and Steve is definitely one of those guys." He even remarked that having a veteran like Smith on the field during these times helps raise up the entire team because it forces everyone to step up their level of play and helps the young guys learn a bit.

Joe was complimentary of Justin Forsett since he is going into his second year as a Raven. "I've been comfortable with him and I think he's going to be a huge checkdown guy for us," Flacco said. "He's a really versatile back and he already proves that he can run the ball and can get in there and protect for us, which is huge."

As you would expect this offseason, Flacco was asked how inflated he likes his footballs. After laughing for a second and wondering out loud if he has to really answer this question, Flacco talked a bit about how every quarterback likes the footballs the way they like them. "Listen, everybody likes the football their way. That's why I make sure our guys rub the balls down in a certain way - have them rub a couple balls down and make sure I like it - and once they have the ball the way I like it, I trust them to do that from that point forward."