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Ravens Former Linebacker Ray Lewis to Appear on The Steve Harvey Show

2 time Super Bowl Champ Ray Lewis will be a guest on the show, showing his workout tips to host Steve Harvey.

Deyanna Mcelroy/NBC.

Ray Lewis is a very popular man these days. Besides serving as an ESPN analyst, he occupies his time showing up in the locker rooms of other sports teams to give pep talks, and serving as a motivational speaker, Lewis will appear on The Steve Harvey Show this Monday.

The Steve Harvey Show can be seen in the Baltimore area on WBAL-TV11, weekdays at 3:00 PM. Check local listings or go to for time and channel.

Ray has always stayed fit, even as a retiree. He has a regiment to stay in shape, which he will be sharing with Steve.

Here is a sample from the show:

Ray explains to Steve that his desire to be in top physical form started when he was very young. He grew up in a home where his mother was a victim of domestic violence. "I literally had to fight every week to get men to stop from hitting my mom," Lewis tells Harvey. At the age of nine, Lewis says he got fed up, telling himself "I will start to train my body physically, to make sure a man never touches my mom again.

Steve Harvey Show Clip 1

Tune in to see the complete episode.

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