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Who Would You Like to See on Hard Knocks?

NFL Network had a cute segment, asking who the hosts would like to see on Hard Knocks....

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The answers were interesting and fun. Here is the video.

New England Patriots

Heath Evans, Patriots homer that he is chose his former team.

If we could give some inside access to our true NFL fans to the real Bill Belicheck, the real Tom Brady. The ins and outs of how they go about their meetings and practice. Y' know, they'd figure out real quick why your running backs, wide receivers and tight ends in New England don't fumble, because you'd see the verbal onslaught of Bill Belicheck as you do in practice, and the whole team running because you did fumble in practice.

Everyone that hates that man right there, 80% of them would love him after Hard Knocks, because he is, hands down, hysterical.

Blech! I cannot see anyone liking Belicheck any more just because of Hard Knocks.

Washington Redskins

Brian Baldinger chose the Washington Redskins, citing them as the epitome of dysfunction for the past decade. He expresses excitement at seeing the whole organization from owner Dan Snyder, to Head Coach Jay Gruden, to QB RG3, to other expressive personalities like Desean Jackson and DeAngelo Hall. I can't say that I disagree, either.

Other interesting suggestions from twitter and facebook:

Denver Broncos: Just to get a glimpse of how Peyton works and interacts with teammates

Philadelphia Eagles: Arguably one of the strangest offseasons ever, Lets try to get an inside look at whats going on in Philly.

Buffalo Bills: for Rex Ryan, the qb situation, and the fate of Fred Jackson.

St. Louis Rams: Young, extremely talented roster with some characters. Possible make or break season for Fisher. Foles is intriguing, relocation looming.

I personally would not care for New England, Denver, or Buffalo. I think Philly, Washington, and St. Louis could make for some good television.

My darkhorse here would be the Chicago Bears. Tough division, had a down year, new coaching staff. Jay Cutler. Could be fun.

Who is your pick?