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Another Nickname to the Ravens Forefront

"Quadzilla" joins the ranks for the Baltimore Club

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With most people not tuning into the last three rounds of the NFL Draft, some missed out on one of the most intimidating features of the Ravens 5th round draft pick Robert Myers.

**QUADZILLA ALERT** Robert Myers is a LARGE man. "Legs busting out of shorts" large. WATCH:

— NFL (@nfl) February 20, 2015 ">

Myers legs measure in at a staggering 33 inches, and compared to my waistline is only an inch smaller than my frame. This man has two of my waistlines strapped to the bottom of his legs powering over defenders and smashing into opposing defenses who dare challenge Quadzilla to a shoving match. Seriously, look at his powerhouse lower frame. This is almost comic book overexaggeration strapped into a now Baltimore Raven football player.

This Tennessee State prospect wasn't allowed by college strength and conditioning coaches to squat more than 500 pounds, and without a doubt in his mind believes he can "put up at least 600". Robert took the joke of "Every day is leg day" to the most literal form it looks like.

As always, the toughest, most powerful players can be beat with true technique, but if this man/monster can build up strong technique, footwork, and remember assignments truly looks to be unstoppable. Let us hope that Juan Castillo can bring Quadzilla into the most dominant form, and Marshal Yanda gives the young rookie the tips to becoming the next best guard in our offensive line.