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Steve Nash, Among Others, Praise Joe Flacco

Steve Nash, the basketball legend, praised Joe Flacco by calling him 'elite' in a Reddit AMA yesterday. Who else is praising Flacco?

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

From one legend, to another. Yesterday, in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on the popular internet site Reddit, legendary basketball player Steve Nash was faced with a very pressing, 'hard-hitting' question. One that is heavily debated, and could land Nash in some hot water if he didn't answer correctly.

"is Joe Flacco an elite NFL quarterback?" asked Reddit user /u/mark_evans1.

Nash's answer? "Pretty much."

Looks like Nash is one of us, drinking the Flacco-flavored Kool-Aid.

In addition to Nash, ESPN NFL Insider KC Joyner published an ESPN Insider article declaring his support for Flacco, saying that Flacco will 'break into the elite QB club' under new OC Marc Trestman. Does this mean Flacco is finally garnering the support and praise he deserves from the media? Hard to say. We're about to find out however, as this annual NFL offseason tradition has just begun.

Happy Flacco Solstice!

Yeah, that's right, the 'Flacco Solstice' occurred just two days ago. Unknowingly, I published my contribution to the 'Flacco Elite' debate on the day of the Solstice. Now while Clue was being satirical, there seems to be some truth to the so-called 'Flacco Solstice'. It seems that every offseason that the media runs out of things to talk about and puts of all their combined resources towards debating Joe Flacco's 'eliteness'. It's almost as if this is a national crisis or something. Perhaps we need a Kickstarter campaign to fund research of Flacco's eliteness.

Anyways, PFT Commenter did a good job of profiling just how much Flacco is debated, and I was slightly embarrassed to find my article listed.

Until next time, see you again on 'Flacco's Wild (Elite?) Ride'. Happy Flacco Solstice everyone, I hope your holiday is elite.