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Baltimore Isn't A Good Fit For Ray Rice

Contrary to what Stephen A. Smith said, the Ravens aren't a good fit for Ray Rice.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen A. Smith tweeted out yesterday that he believes that the Baltimore Ravens are the best fit for Ray Rice to revitalize his career.

He's wrong and that comment is more of the same old commentary that we've grown to hear from Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.

Ray Rice doesn't look like he's going to get signed by any team, least of all the Ravens.

First off, if any team was going to sign Rice, they would've done it by now. Deflategate is overshadowing any negative PR that a team would get from signing someone like Rice. Just look at the Cowboys and Greg Hardy. Any other offseason, critics would be tearing into them for signing a domestic abuser. This offseason the Cowboys haven't received much criticism outside of the Dallas mayor.

Second, Rice would be taking snaps away from younger running backs who might be the better players at this point in their careers. In his college and pro career, Ray Rice accumulated much more wear and tear than Justin Forsett, Lorenzo Taliaferro, and Javorius Allen. If the Ravens signed Rice, it's likely that they would be giving a lesser player more carries at the expense of better players.

And finally, Rice burned his bridges with the organization months ago. Rice sued the Ravens last year, and while they reached an out of court settlement, that still isn't going to increase any goodwill between the Ravens and Ray Rice. After that it's safe to say that the Ravens are the last team in the NFL that would sign Ray Rice.

Stephen A. Smith made a polarizing declaration without putting any thought behind it. But of course, that's nothing new to him.