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Ravens Uniforms 'Dissed' in Recent Rankings

Yesterday, Uni Watch unveiled their 2015 NFL 'Uniform Power Rankings'. The Ravens duds finished in the bottom-half, at spot #23, improving by one slot from last year. I think they got it wrong.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports
OK, we get it -- ravens are black, so this is the rare team whose use of black doesn't feel gratuitous. But that doesn't mean they couldn't scale it back a little. The black pants could use some stripes, and they'd be better if they were paired with non-black socks (which the team used to have, once upon a time) to avoid the leotard effect. On the plus side, here's a detail worth noting: The gold trim on the numbers is a really nice accent.
- Uni Watch

I think the folks over at Uni Watch are being a bit too harsh here. I mean, I know our uniforms aren't the flashiest or anything, but they look good. Refresh your memory by taking a quick look at all the variations of our uniform:

Now, the levels of attractiveness definitely vary between the variations. Overall however, they really don't look that bad. I prefer the purple jerseys to the white ones, but both look good. The all black alternates, are by far my absolute favorite. They're so cool, so sleek, so intimidating. To me, it's a pleasant surprise when they announce the team will be wearing them for that week. Plus, they make the players kind of look like actual ravens.

Another nice addition to all of our uniforms, is a homage to Maryland, the Ravens home state. On the right and left shoulder of each jersey is one of our secondary logos, a coat of arms style shield with the Maryland flag. I'm sure I'm wrong here, but Baltimore's uniform might be the only one in the league that directly pays tribute to the team's home state. I know the Cowboys and Saints logos both allude to their state's heritage, but Baltimore's may be the only one with a state flag.

Our uniforms may not be sleek, cool, flashy, or newly-designed, but they're timeless. You have to look at it almost like a graphic designer designing a logo, our uniforms are timeless, and represent a brand, Baltimore Ravens Football. Our uniforms are also easily synonymous with our color scheme and logo. If anything, the uniforms are a good indicator of what Ravens football is, not the best-looking, not the noisiest, but gets the job done, and does the job well.

And just look at our 20th Anniversary uniforms for this year, now that's a sharp uniform.

If you would like to read the rest of Uni Watch's rankings, click here.