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John Urschel Doesn't See An Increase In Two-Point Conversions

According to John Urschel, coaches won't change their strategies because of a longer extra point.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, the proposal to increase the distance of the extra point was approved. Extra points have been moved back to the 17 yard line, essentially making it a 33 yard field goal.

And everyone's voiced their opinions on it.

John Harbaugh likes it.

Justin Tucker doesn't like it.

Second year Guard and resident genius John Urschel has posted his thoughts on it.

In short, he says that the change in distance won't affect coaches strategies unless the conditions on the field would make it too difficult to attempt an extra point (the 2013 Eagles-Lions game is a good example).

And he's right.

A 33 yard field goal is pretty much automatic even if the kicker attempting it isn't the most accurate kicker in NFL history (Usually. We won't mention that one time)

A two-point conversion? Not so much.

Urschels' research shows that the slight drop in success percentage still gives the extra point kick a far higher success percentage than the two point conversion.

Couple that with the already conservative nature of most coaches, and it looks like we won't see a drastic increase in two point conversion. Which most likely means that the extra point was moved back for nothing, as an increase in two-point conversions was probably the intended goal.