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Bucky Brooks Leaves Baltimore off List

Best wide receiver corps list leaves off the Ravens.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

It's never fun to not be picked for some achievement. And while I know we don't have two pro-bowlers lining up, are we really that far away from the top five? I agree with 1-4, we don't have the pro-bowlers, or all-pro talent lining up on the outside, but are the Giants really better than Baltimore? Or at least shouldn't another team be placed there.

Apparently Odell Beckham Jr is the next Jerry Rice, because his praise still hasn't stopped after being named the Madden 16 cover less than a week ago. OBJ is ridiculously athletic, but he is expected to be crush all the wide receiver numbers next season by everybody's standards. Let's remember just a season ago the Chargers and their depleted wide receiving corps becoming reliant on Keenan Allen put up super flashy numbers his rookie year, and then underwent a big drop from 71 catches for 1,046 yards and 8 TD's to 77 catchs for 783 yards and only 4 touchdowns the next year. Don't put the cart before the horse.

Victor Cruz, the lightning quick salsa dancing wide receiver last I checked broke his knee-cap. Yet you're just including them because after breaking a knee cap he will be back to pro-bowl form. I'm not buying it. The knee seems kind of important when using "rare stop-start quickness" against defenders.

I have a buddy who is a massive Giants fan, and I can't count how many times he was flustered over Randle running the wrong route. It was like clockwork. Yet here they put him in to just beat up on CB3's for jump ball situations.Randle needs to actually get to the right spot first. Donnell is also a break-out apparently, and his name is for me a fluke. One 3 touchdown game makes him seem like the next Jimmy Graham, pass catching extraordinaire.

Let me clarify now, Baltimore is not worthy of the top five. We have a wide receiver who is 36, and Father Time never loses. A first round draft pick in Breshad that has never played a down, and Marlon Brown who hasn't exactly dominated since his rookie season tying the franchise rookie TD record. Maxx Williams also has not played an NFL snap yet, despite all the talk of him winning the rookie offensive player of the year. Dennis Pitta has now dislocated his hip twice from non-contact injuries meaning he could end up retiring. So we need to prove that we deserve the recognition. And with Trestman at the offensive helm I do think we CAN become top 5, but we shouldn't be on there either.

Which does bring me to who should be replacing the Giants, and it's obvious. It's not pretty to say, but the Pittsburgh Steelers deserve this recognition. The sister site (ugly step-sister site) Behindthesteelcurtain writes here about the Steelers snub. I can rehash what is said, but Jeff Hartman does a great job.