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Veteren FA Market: Any Worthy of Contract?

The Free Agent Market is still open, and with notable names should the Ravens maybe try for a camp body or two?

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Nothing better than a little competition. An extra camp body is always nice to have around, makes others work harder, and push everybody to fight for a roster spot. So with names like Reggie Wayne and Lance Briggs still un-signed should Baltimore hand out a contract?

These former Pro Bowlers are still available on the free agent market.

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Dwight Freeney; ROLB: Another pass rush specialist and a 7x pro-bowler with one of the best spin moves the eye test has ever witnessed. With a positive rating from PFF, but a very low amount of sacks (4) it does make sense to not have Ozzie wanting the aged veteran. This season Baltimore already has Courtney Upshaw, Elvis Dumervil, and drafted rookie Za'Darius Smith also vying for the ROLB position. We truly aren't in need of any more depth, especially an older player to take away a younger hopeful star.

Verdict: Thanks, but no thanks.

Lance Briggs; MLB: If I remember correctly Lance was not happy with his head coach in Chicago a year ago. He was upset and dismayed with the locker room, and that coach was Marc Trestman. Current offensive co-ordinator for the Baltimore Ravens. Now with that being said if Baltimore had decided upon signing Briggs, and the interest was mutual I don't believe that he would be hanging out with the offense so Briggs wouldn't be near Trestman. Briggs ended up not playing eight games last season, and worrying if your player is even able to do his job on Sunday healthy is something Baltimore does not need the worries of. I think Lance would prove to be a good back behind Mosley and Daryl Smith, and I would have no problems with him suiting up for the purple and black. His run defense is still good, and he does have pass coverage skills, but unless he is taking a veteran minimum contract Baltimore should turn away. Like I said above, unless he is truly going to help the squad, don't take away a young players chance to sign an older veteran.

Verdict: Hung Jury, but more not in favor.

Reggie Wayne; WR: Old, has lost a step, and a free agent. Tell you the truth I'm surprised we haven't had public talks with Wayne. Reggie sounds like a Baltimore signing, we usually snag up receivers like this (Derrick Mason, Anquan Boldin). Wayne still has vacuum hands, and his route-running still gets separation I will argue. Now is he good enough to see the field over newly acquired Breshad Perriman, or Marlon Brown, or even Steve Smith Sr.? Not in my mind. He would be fighting for playing time against Kamar Aiken and Michael Campanaro. Taking up a roster spot, and wasting money Baltimore would prefer to not spend.

Verdict: No thanks

Wes Welker; WR: This is a cut and dry no. Wes is a slot receiving monster but we really don't need him, especially if we don't want Reggie Wayne. I'm even nervous to have him on our field in case he takes another ugly hit on the turf.

Verdict: Not even a thought

Michael Vick; QB: Don't disappear when I say this, but Vick is almost worth a roster spot. ALMOST. We had Tyrod Taylor through his rookie contract and the reasoning was simple. A person to practice against all the mobile quarterbacks we have in the league. The person we trained for in the Super Bowl was a mobile quarterback and I guarantee you Tyrod was the most important person in training camp those two weeks. This season we are playing the NFC West and once again the mobile legged Colin Kaepernick and two straight visitor to the Super Bowl Russell Wilson are on the regular season schedule. Matt Schaub is not able to impersonate the speed, mobility, and agility of those two. I would prefer Vick over Schaub for this reason. We can game plan, and learn better tactics through game situations. I would take Michael Vick, but not unless we cut Schaub.

Verdict: No, but I wouldn't be opposed.

Chris Johnson; RB: I am a big advocate for Chris Johnson, and my affection for him is simply because of the speed this man harnessed. Problem is, that 4.24 speed isn't there anymore. But I would put a decent wager that he does have the speed to burst through the secondary behind Marshal Yanda and Rick Wagner making 18-wheeler sized holes to run through. Talladega Nights or Eleanor Roosevelt (whoever truly said this) put it best, "America is about speed - hot, nasty, badass speed." That is CJ2K. I would take him, and not have a single problem against it. I think his running is fast enough to fly past the outside just as Justin Forsett did, but he won't be caught. Johnson in the open field is lethal.

Verdict: Take a shot on CJ2K

Steven Jackson; RB: Just too old, too beat up, not worth the cash. S-Jax carried terrible Rams teams to wins, but he is just finished unfortunately. Stevens workload has caught up to him, and we don't need him taking bruising 2-3 yard carries with Lorenzo Taliaferro's young skillset around.

Verdict: Not at all.

Maybe Ozzie and DeCosta aren't done, even after the Arrington signing, but in all likelihood I don't expect any of these players to be wearing a Charm City uniform anytime soon.