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#TBT Ravens Find Their Guy

The Ravens went into 2008 searching for someone to provide stability at quarterback. They would find him and start an excellent run.

The Ravens were starting over in 2008. Brian Billick was fired after a disastrous 2007 season and the Ravens wanted to start the John Harbaugh era right.

Which automatically meant that letting Kyle Boller play was out of the question.

The Ravens had gone through twelve years of mediocre-to-awful quarterback play and they needed to find a guy to provide stability for the next decade.

The Ravens held the eighth overall pick in the draft and Bisciotti wanted Ozzie to trade up with the Rams so that they could draft Matt Ryan with the second overall pick.

As usual Ozzie stuck to his guns and didn't make that move. Instead Ozzie traded down with the Jaguars to get the 26th pick and some extra draft ammo, which the Ravens would then use to trade up with the Texans for the 18th overall pick, which would be used to the quarterback Joe Flacco out of Delaware.

The pick was not approved by the talking heads. Flacco was seen as a mid-round prospect, but Ozzie believed that Flacco was too valuable to let him fall down.

And they were right.

Flacco has gone on to break every Ravens passing record, win 86 total games, win two divisional titles make three AFC Championships and win a Super Bowl.

It's also worth mentioning that the same media analysts who panned the pick in 2008 have Joe Flacco going second overall in redrafts. Just saying.