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Mad Maxx - Sports Science looks at tight end Maxx Williams

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Sports Science did a great little draft combine on the Ravens' newest tight end, Maxx Williams. Using science to dive into exactly what Maxx Williams can do, the prospect becomes even more intriguing for fans. It also goes to show exactly why Williams has been compared a lot to Jason Witten as well.

Using a modified version of their tight end gauntlet, Williams has to come off the line and hit a 250 pound heavy bag, pushing it out of his way to simulate blocking on a defensive end. Williams then has to make a cut 10 yards down the field to make a catch on a football being launched at 40 mph through a small hole in a fence to simulate the lack of vision through an offensive line. After Williams catches the ball, he is given roughly 7 yards to jump over an Olympic height hurdle.

Without giving too much away, Williams has no issue with any of those and in fact has them alter it even further to make it harder.