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Why the NFL's New PAT Rule Helps the Ravens, But Not Very Much

It was just announced that the NFL owners approved the Competition Committee's proposal. So what does this mean for the Ravens?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few minutes ago, it was announced that the NFL owners approved new PAT procedures. The proposal chosen came from the NFL's Competition Committee, of which Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome is a member of. For the upcoming 2015-2016 season, PATs will be kicked from the 15 yard-line, and defenses are allowed to return them for points as well. So what does this mean for the Ravens?

The answer? Not very much. While the ball will be moved back some 13 yards, it ultimately won't mean too much. According to Elias statistics, over the past five seasons, NFL kickers have converted 99% of XP attempts. If the ball is kicked from the 15 yard-line, that converts to a 33 yard FG. Last season, according to NFL statistics, only two field goals were missed from that range. So ultimately, this change means little for the Ravens and their star kicker, Justin Tucker. It should be noted that so far, Justin is perfect on XP attempts for his career, going 110/110.

Prior to the decision, former Pro Bowl Ravens Kicker Matt Stover stated his support for any rule changes that challenged kickers. He said the following to the Baltimore Sun: "My full opinion as a kicker is anything that increases the value of a good kicker, I'm good with, as long as the competitive balance is there," "If you devalue the kicking position by removing an obsolete play and do away with the extra point, all you've done is increase the value for a good kicker who can make them from a longer distance. If the extra point rule, the way it currently stands, has become obsolete, then increase the difficulty. The good kickers will adjust and make the kicks."

Coach Harbaugh said he was impartial either way, but also said "We have a good kicker. If they want to move it back to the 15 [yard line,] it would be an advantage for us."

Now that the owners have spoken, and the decison made, it looks like the Ravens may have a slight advantage going into the new season. If anything, it will make games more exciting to watch. Thank goodness we have 'Legatron'.