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Ravens Top Five: Running Backs

Our look at the top five position players in Ravens history continues with running backs.

1. Jamal Lewis (2000-2006)

No surprise here. Jamal Lewis is the all-time leading rusher in the history of the Ravens. Lewis was a big weapon during the Ravens Super Bowl run in 2000 and his six touchdowns that year stood as a Ravens rookie record until 2011. Some fans speculate that if Lewis remained healthy the Ravens could have pulled off a repeat in 2001. In 2003 Jamal Lewis ran for 2,066 yards, good for third best of all-time behind Eric Dickerson and Adrian Peterson. His 295 yard rushing day was the greatest in NFL history until Adrian Peterson broke it in 2007.

2. Ray Rice (2008-2013)

Rice is easily the second greatest back in Ravens history, and if not for the struggles on the offensive line in 2013 and his incident in Atlantic City he might be #1. Rice was skilled at making defenses miss and he was a reliable receiver, which was incredibly valuable during the early years of Joe Flaccos' career when he didn't have too many options in the passing game outside of Derrick Mason and Todd Heap. His most memorable play was his conversion of a 4th-and-29 against the Chargers to keep the game, and the Ravens playoff hopes in 2012, alive.

3. Willis McGahee (2007-2010)

McGahee only had two years as a starter in Baltimore, but he was Ravens tough during his tenure, and would still manage to score 35 total touchdowns in four seasons as a Raven, even when serving as Rices back-up.

4. Priest Holmes (1997-2000)

Priest Holmes had 1,000 yards rushing for the Ravens in 1998 in his second year as a Raven. Holmes would turn out to be a great find by Ozzie Newsome, but for the Chiefs, as they would give him the starting job that the Ravens had given to Jamal Lewis in 2000. He was still good in limited action in 1999-2000.

5. Justin Forsett (2014-present)

Justin Forsett entered 2014 as a fringe player with humble expectations. By the end of it he was one of the NFLs leading rushers and made it to the Pro Bowl. He enters this season as the starting running back and he seeks to hold off Lorenzo Taliaferro and Javorius Allen.