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2015 NFL Draft: Ravens Select Darren Waller

With the 204th overall pick, the Ravens select Darren Waller.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

With the 204th overall pick, the Ravens select wide receiver Darren Waller out of Georgia Tech.

Waller is 6'6", weighs 238 pounds and he ran a 4.46 40 at the NFL Combine. Waller possesses the size-speed combo that is coveted by every team and he has very good hands and the body control to land with both feet inbounds more often than not on sideline catches. He also knows how to attack the ball in midair.

Waller could use some fine tuning in the run blocking and route running department, but that's not anything coach Bobby Engram can't fix.

Waller was projected to go in the fourth, so he's a steal at 204 and he has the potential to be a touchdown machine for the Ravens.