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Ravens Top Five: Quarterbacks

This series will be taking a look at the Ravens top five players at every position in franchise history. First on the list is quarterback.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

1. Joe Flacco (2008-present)

There's no doubt with this one. Flacco is the Ravens all-time leader in passing touchdowns, yards, attempts, completions, and wins. Flacco was the hero of the 2012 postseason and was voted as Super Bowl MVP in recognition of his efforts. This is unarguably the most successful period in the history of the Ravens, and he's a big reason for that success.

2. Vinnie Testaverde (1996-1997)

Testaverde might not have anywhere near as many wins as Joe Flacco, but statistically speaking he's the second best quarterback in franchise history. It took years for his passing records to be surpassed, and his single season records from 1996 still stand today. Unfortunately he did not win very many games as a starting quarterback during his Ravens tenure.

3. Kyle Boller (2003-2008)

What Boller lacks in statistics, he sort of made up for in wins. Boller is the second winningest quarterback in franchise history. And it's a very distant second. Bollers' 20-22 record is good for the second most wins out of any starting quarterback.

4. Trent Dilfer (2000)

Dilfer stood out of the way as the historically great 2000 Ravens defense and Jamal Lewis took the Ravens to the Super Bowl.

5. Steve McNair (2006-2007)

McNair provided competent quarterback play for a Ravens team in 2006 that had a defense that has drawn some comparisons to the 2000 unit. Unfortunately for McNair and the Ravens, he fell apart in the 2006 postseason and injuries would derail his 2007 and he would retire after the season.

Who do you think should be left off the list or who should ranked higher or lower? Let us know in the comments and create your own list.