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Why Are People Acting Like DeAndre Carter Return Skills Give him a Chance to Make the Roster?

DeAndre Carter, the miniature wide receiver out of Sacramento State is vying for a spot on the Baltimore Ravens roster. Some think he has a decent chance to make it as a returner. But why?

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

I do not understand something. Why do people always assume that little fast guys are automatically good returners? Case in point: 5"9 DeAndre Carter. Carter, a 2015 undrafted free agent is trying to make a Ravens squad that is loaded at his position, mostly with large-statured wide-outs. So the narrative I keep hearing is that if we keep 7 players at the position, he has a very good chance to make it as a returner. And I don't understand why

DeAndre Carter is not an experienced returner. He only had 10 punt returns and 18 kickoff returns in 4 years of college. His averages were respectable, but nothing special. Is this someone who we want to entrust our return game to? I personally prefer many of the other options: Fitzgerald Touissaint, Asa Jackson, Michael Campanaro all seem like better choices. Campanaro has 26 punt returns and 35 kickoff returns in college. Toussaint had 2 regular season kickoff returns for us last year, and I would rather carry 4 RB's than 7 WR. But even more than that, Asa Jackson was a prolific returner in college, has shown great flashes in preseason games, and is at a position we need the depth more at.

So I would keep Asa Jackson as the 6th corner, even though I don't care for him much as a corner, rather than waste a roster spot on someone like DeAndre Carter. Just my two cents.