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Undrafted rookie walks away from the Ravens and NFL

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

In what seems to be a regular thing this offseason, another football player is walking away from the game entirely. Undrafted free agent Cory Morrisey cites being "burnt out on football" as his reason for walking away from a game that he's played all his life and the possibilities of fame and fortune that comes with it.

Earlier in the offseason, we've seen several other players move away from football for a variety of reasons. From San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis due to injuries, Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker due to a lack of desire to play any longer, and more famously Chris Borland due to concussion concerns on his longterm health.

Morrisey clearly felt strongly about his reason for retiring like any of the other mentioned players above. However, Morrisey's retirement comes pretty quickly into his first NFL season as he was fighting for a roster spot on one of the more interesting and exciting NFL teams.

Morrisey released this statement in regards to his desire to retire at such an early age.

Cory's reason makes sense when you think about how uncertain a football player's future is, especially one that went undrafted. Without the burning desire to put yourself through torture every single day in order to better your body and mind for the rigors of a training camp and regular season, Morrisey's future with the team would have been short regardless. All the luck on his future and hopefully he finds something that fits better with what is wants to do and sees for himself and his family.