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Bryant McKinnie Good For Something After All

Bryant McKinnie was a disappointment, but he turned out useful for the Ravens after all.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Bryant McKinnie isn't remembered too fondly here. He spent most of his career in Coach Harbaughs doghouse, and after he signed an extension in 2013, he missed the first few games due to weight issues and his lack of effort contributed to Joe Flacco taking a beating.

In the middle of the season, the Ravens admitted that McKinnie was a bust and shipped him off to the Dolphins for a mere seventh round pick in the 2015 Draft.

Skip to the 2015 off-season where the Ravens are trading Haloti Ngata to the Lions for their fourth and fifth round picks. Also included in the Ravens package was the 7th rounder that the Ravens received from the Dolphins for Bryant McKinnie.

Now skip forward to the second night of the Draft. The Ravens are trying to trade up to take Maxx Williams before the Steelers can. The Ravens trade their 2nd round pick and the 5th round pick that the Lions gave them for the Cardinals 2nd round selection that the Ravens would use to draft Maxx Williams.

In the end Bryant McKinnie turned out to be of some use for the Ravens, as he was a small player in the plan that got the Ravens a promising rookie weapon.