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Arrington signing puts pressure on Webb, Pees

Signing Kyle Arrington puts outside cornerback duties squarely on Lardarius Webb's shoulders.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Arrington's singing could put Dean Pees in a strange situation. Arrington, while an above average slot corner, is not a guy that can be counted on to consistently win in man coverage. He makes his living in the short areas but can be taken advantage of due to his below average long speed. We can assume Arrington will be confined to slot duties.

Enter Lardarius Webb. In man-to-man coverage, Webb mightily struggled with the deep ball, with even Cincinnati journey man Gregg Little taking advantage of him.

Dean Pees will have to adjust his coverage tendencies. After being heavily reliant on zone coverages this past season, and being more open to man coverage in 2013, the cornerback cast of Jimmy Smith, Kyle Arrington and the now 30 year old and significantly less explosive Lardarius Webb, will need to be immersed in a steady mixture of both man and zone coverages.

Webb will need to stand up, and prove he still posses the ability to man up in clear passing situation, and Dean Pees will show great feel for situational football and the opponent at hand to mix up his calls and get maximum production out of his secondary.

The Ravens are depending on both this season to be at their best in order to reach another Super Bowl.