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Justin Forsett and Steve Smith at the top of broken tackles list

With Justin Forsett and Steve Smith playing on new teams in 2014, they made the most of their opportunities.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens running back Justin Forsett finally got the chance that he had been working so hard for during his career. He made the most of it after finishing the season as the Ravens' number one rusher and amassing 1266 yards on the ground and 263 yards in the passing game.

Little did we as Ravens fans know that Forsett is actually one of the better backs in the league at breaking tackles. Football Outsiders took a look at the number of broken tackles during the 2014 NFL season and Forsett makes the top 20 with 25 total tackles broken. By getting 279 total touches, both through the run and air, Forsett had a broken tackle rate of 9% per touch.

With numbers like that, Forsett joins other rushers like Steven Jackson, Lamar Miller, and Matt Forte. Not a bad list to be on when you consider that the Ravens rusher isn't exactly known as a bruiser.

Football Outsiders took a look at the other positions as well and it should come as no surprise that the Ravens very own Steve Smith makes the list as well. In 79 total touches, Smith broke 13 tackles for a rate of 16.5% per touch. That is higher than Antonio Brown, Julio Jones and Odell Beckham Jr. It is significantly higher than Calvin Johnson's 1.4%.

Hopefully the Ravens find themselves on this list a little more often in 2015.