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Kyle Arrington signed to a Three Year Deal

Baltimore has signed ex- patriot cornerback Kyle Arrington

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Big business is in town as Ozzie & Co. never sleep. The Ravens have signed 28 year old slot cornerback Kyle Arrington to a three-year deal. Exact terms are not known quite yet, but we'll cover that once those details are out.

With last season's demise of the secondary and surviving solely with undrafted free agents and practice squad thefts from other NFL clubs, a solid slot cornerback is exactly what the Baltimore Ravens need. The weakest position since the NFL Draft was a glaring hole at cornerback with Newsome and DeCosta selecting more offensive weapons for the Ravens. Arrington was known originally as a weak corner but when put into a good system in the slot against smaller receivers became less exposed as the season wore on.

Important note is slot-cornerback is his term because putting Arrington with a wide receiver on the outside is very much a bad idea. Inside the slot Kyle is a talented and quick player whom does well save for the deep routes.  Unfortunately a bad weakness, but last year the loss against New England was 3-7 yard receptions. Nothing big. Great news his talents are mainly covering TY Hilton very well.

Here is what Richard Hill of Pats Pulpit had to say about him:

Arrington is a really good slot corner with some ST value as a gunner. The Patriots were overpaying him at $4mm per season, but I really don't see why they cut him. He was a good locker room influence and he did whatever the coaches asked.

Just, for the love of all that is holy, don't ask him to cover outside on the sidelines. He's Bradley Fletcher-on-Dez level when outside. He shuts down T.Y. Hilton type players with ease, which might actually be good if yall play DJax and Agholor 2x."

Imagining a healthy Jimmy Smith and Lardarius Webb covering outside, with Arrington in the slot along with Will Hill and Kendrick Lewis over the top. Now that is something we all can cheer for.

Baltimore also does not lose a compensatory pick for this FA pick-up as the signing is AFTER the May deadline. Celebrate merrily Charm City fans.