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Ravens one of 8 teams to put in waiver claim on safety D.J. Swearinger

Rob Carr/Getty Images

We've covered that the Houston Texans were shopping safety D.J. Swearinger around for a trade and that if they could not get one, he'd be waived. Well, the Texans finally cut him after no team was willing to part with a draft pick for the young safety.

According to ESPN's Field Yates, Baltimore is one of the teams that put in a waiver claim on Swearinger.

Obviously with the Bucs being the worst ranked team due to their record last season, they get first priority on any waiver claims made. Given the records of the teams involved, Baltimore actually would have been dead last on the list to get Swearinger.

This does mark an obvious point that Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens organization is still on the hunt for players to fill the secondary. After a horrendous season in 2014, the Ravens will likely want to add as much depth to the secondary as they can to overcome any injuries that might happen during the grueling season.

Swearinger would have been a good get for the Ravens due to his low salary as he is still on his rookie deal, and due to his decent play. However, there have been grumblings that Swearinger has a bit of an attitude problem and might have been a bad influence on injured star Jadeveon Clowney. If that is true, it would finally make sense of why the Texans would want to shed a player that has potential and is dirt cheap currently.