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Ravens safety Will Hill makes PFF top 101 players

PFF is releasing their own top 101 players of 2014. Instead of some busted metric where it's voted on by fans or other players or some beat writers' opinion of a player, these are based on actual value and performance.

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

PFF is releasing their own top 101 players of 2014. Ravens safety Will Hill is the second Raven player to make the list all the way down to number 73. Brandon Williams was the first Raven at number 101 as we covered before.

Will Hill was signed at the Ravens in the offseason despite a looming 6 game suspension from the NFL for his second violation of the substance abuse. Hill had made a name for himself both for his excellent play as well as his numerous off-field issues that include arrest, warrants and substance abuse issues; marking the end of his time with the New York Giants. The Ravens clearly thought that with the right coaching staff and veteran presence around him, he could shed the bad boy label he had made for himself and stay on the straight-and-narrow.

PFF makes a point to say that Hill was only graded negatively in a single game and that despite playing only 724 snaps, he graded out as the sixth-highest safety in the league. With a full offseason and regular season ahead of him, Hill should be able to climb this list even further in 2016 as he looks to fully claim the starting role in training camp.