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Ravens' need for cornerback Kyle Arrington unnecessary

No disrespect to the pundits but the Baltimore Ravens' secondary is complete without Kyle Arrington.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Blink and blink some more, buy a bottle of rewetting drops; whatever it takes to see that the Baltimore Ravens' secondary does not need Kyle Arrington.

The New England Patriots parted ways with their top slot corner after five (and a half), seasons. The 28-year-old was one of three hackneyed defensive backs, Brandon Browner (Saints) and Darrelle Revis (Jets), to get hacksawed by the organization.

The deflating champions, I mean, the defending champions, moving forward, will entrust the Super Bowl back end to the likes of key holders Logan Ryan, Malcolm Butler, and free agent additions Chimdi Chekwa (Raiders) and Bradley Fletcher (Eagles).

As for the Ravens' brass, their patience could carry a little more 'wait.' Our secondary might serve as the sharpest double-edged blade in the shed--a little more whetted than the defensive line and wide receiving corps--however I am positive that defensive coordinator Dean Pees will play a lot more press coverage this upcoming season.

Especially with our linebacking personnel, Pees will mix-and-match a variety of blitz packages to get in the face of opposing gunslingers. The more pressure applied on big-armed quarterbacks--Peyton Manning, Colin Kaepernick, Phillip Rivers, Nick Foles, Russell Wilson, and Big Ben--the easier for the secondary to create turnovers. Barring setbacks (please God no more setbacks), Lardarius Webb and Jimmy Smith will start 16 games this season and lock down their assignments.

The reason why the Patriots released Arrington, regardless of the amount owed to him ($3 million, none guaranteed), was in my opinion, because his talent and skillset did not outweigh the need for him on the roster this season. Not against this list of opponents.

Head coach Bill Belichick loves utility players, multi-faceted, scrappy athletes who are willing to return punts and run endarounds for the sole purpose of serving as a decoy. Perhaps, maybe B-Squared deemed his best slot cornerback's ceiling has been reached. If Arrington is re-signed by the Patriots, this is a mini-scoop of the wideouts he'll chase around in 2015: Antonio Brown, Robert Woods/Chris Hogan, Arrelious Benn, Cole Beasley, Kenny Stills and Andre Roberts.

I support the front office's decision, but I am also confident that second-year Rashaan Melvin, and rookie pair Tray Walker and Julian Wilson will impact our defense. #TrustOzzie