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Tom Brady's agent opens his mouth

As you would expect an agent to do, Tom Brady's agent opens his mouth to speak about how unfair and dumb the suspension is.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As you would expect an agent to do, Tom Brady's agent opens his mouth to speak about how unfair and dumb the suspension is. Don Yee, Brady's agent, has to speak loud and brashly about this issue if only to show his clients that he has their backs despite a clear resolution to beat or outright cheat the rules.

Hey Don Yee, I'll use the words of your famous client... Go read the rulebook

Regardless of the evidence that Tom did indeed know about the air pressure in the footballs, he as a professional football player should be able to tell the major discrepancy in inflation on something that he likely throws thousands of times per week between practice and gametime. Even without all of that, Tom did not fully cooperate with investigators as was mentioned with the failure to provide his phone records so they could track back text messages to either clear him completely or find him guilty completely. The team also had similar issue in providing all the staff requested to investigators, both of which led to the punishment that they received respectively according to Troy Vincent.

Now keep in mind that this is the same agent who spouted off about how his client was unfairly represented in the report and about how the report failed to use all of the context that Brady had in the matter. Yet, Yee completely failed to provide that context ever again during the last week. Had he provided the full transcript of what Brady told the investigators, he could have won over fans and proven that his client was completely clear of all wrong doing. Yet, he didn't and the punishment came down accordingly.

Don Yee's public address is a poorly written excuse that I would expect out of a 12 year old that was caught red handed. The going through piece by piece and claiming that Brady did no wrong all while pointing the finger at the league and the investigation process as a whole reeks of public relations desperation. While you know that he along with Brady and the Patriots will fight the ruling as much as they can, if Brady had come out and admitted fault and worked with investigators completely, he would have been given a light fine and sent on his way as the NFL wanted to sweep this under the rug.

Yet, here we are Don Yee.