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How Brady's Suspension Affects The AFC

Brady's suspension will alter the AFC postseason race.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady will sit out the first four games of 2015.

That means he'll miss the season opener against Pittsburgh and matchups against the Bills, Jaguars, and Cowboys.

It wouldn't unrealistic to see them going 1-3 in that span. The Bills defense should give Jimmy Garoppolo fits and it's a lot to ask a second year quarterback to try and outplay Ben Roethlisberger and Tony Romo.

That would automatically put the Patriots in catch-up mode in the AFC, which could have major repercussions come January.

First, it could mean that for the first time since 2008, someone else wins the AFC East.

The Dolphins have given Ryan Tannehill what appears to be a solid supporting cast, and all three AFC East teams have built solid defenses. The Jets and Bills have quarterbacks who could at least play game manager while the defense and running game wins games.

Second, it could give a first round bye to a new team.

The Patriots have not played in the AFC Wild Card since the 2009 season. But with Brady gone for four games, that could change. The Ravens, who are favored to win the AFC North after the draft, could end up hosting the AFC Divisional Game for the first time since 2011.The Ravens would have an easier time getting to the Super Bowl if they were able to host at least one game at M&T Stadium. Would the Patriots, who would be playing catch-up for most of the season, have the same luck at M&T Bank that they would at Foxboro?

Tom Brady's suspension affects the entire AFC playoff race in 2015. It could be a very good opportunity for the Ravens to take advantage of in their attempt to win the Super Bowl.