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Ravens Have Focused On Good Character During The Draft

The Ravens said that they were going to take the character of their prospects into account. And they stuck to their word during the draft.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

At the State of the Ravens and all through the draft season the Ravens said that they were taking the character concerns of potential draftees seriously.

On draft weekend the Ravens backed that up, as they let risk-filled players such as Dorial Green-BeckhamRandy Gregory, and Frank Clark pass and be some other teams' problem.

The Ravens draft was almost perfect. No draftees were charged with domestic assault, and with the exception of Darren Waller getting a two game suspension in 2014 for violating Georgia Techs' rules, the draft class is squeaky clean in terms of character concerns.

It's certainly better to have the only rookie with off the field concerns be a sixth rounder who got suspended from the team for two games because he violated rules, opposed to a first or second rounder who has issues with marijuana or domestic abuse.

The Ravens went into this draft looking for three things out of their rookies: big play ability, physicality, and good character. This draft looks like it's given the Ravens players with all three of those traits.