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Breaking down rookie Breshad Perriman's pending contract

Aaron Wilson took a look at the Ravens' first round pick's upcoming contract.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun took a look at Breshad Perriman's pending rookie contract.

Unlike in previous years, the NFL has created a slotting system for NFL rookies with standardized pay. This helps eliminate the holdouts of years past as well as the massive contracts given to future busts. While it has taken away some of the screw up factor from NFL teams, it has helped create a much smoother process and ultimately made veterans feel a lot better about their situations knowing that some kid that has yet to play a down isn't making more money than you.

Don't worry though, Breshad Perriman isn't going hungry anytime soon. Perriman will sign a four year, $7.881 million contract with $3.992 million in signing bonus. A total of $6.371 in total guaranteed money for the rookie receiver out of UCF.

As with all first round picks, the Ravens will get the option for a fifth year deal if they opt to go with it. The Ravens recently used that option on cornerback Jimmy Smith, helping lock him up for the front office to work it's magic and sign the young corner to a long-term deal that will keep him a Raven for some time.

Perriman's salary cap figures will break down as follows:

2015: $1.433 million
2016: $1.791 million
2017: $2.149 million
2018: $2.507 million

Given that wide receiver Torrey Smith recently signed a five year deal awarding him $40 million ($8 million per year base salary) with an $8 million signing bonus (bringing his cap average up to just under $10 million per year), the Ravens are easily going to save a lot of money over the next four years with hopefully similar or better production.

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