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Ravens 2015 preseason schedule announced

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The Ravens announced its 2015 preseason schedule.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens know now which teams they'll face this preseason.

On Thursday, the organization announced its preseason schedule. Here it is:

Week 1: Thursday, Aug. 13 vs. New Orleans Saints

Week 2: Aug. 21 or 22 at Philadelphia Eagles

Week 3: Aug. 28 or 29 vs. Washington Redskins

Week 4: Thursday, Sept. 3 at Atlanta Falcons

This is the third time the Ravens are playing the Saints in the preseason. The Ravens won the previous two meetings in 2005 and 2014. The Ravens will close the preseason against the Redskins and Falcons once again. This will be the 11th time the Ravens play the Falcons in the preseason. The Ravens hold a 7-3 advantage against Atlanta.

This will be the 10th preseason meeting between the Ravens and Redskins, with the Ravens holding a 6-2 advantage.